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07.17.15 - Advocacy
Education Bill Passes the Senate

07.15.15 - Advocacy
Calls Needed Today to Support Native Education


NIEA 2016 Webinar Series 

Members Only Webinar: Proposed Bylaw Changes

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NIEA will host an additional webinar for members on the proposed bylaw amendments in June. Please check our websites for any updates.

NIEA 2016 Webinar Series 

Understanding the Every Student Succeeds Act

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NIEA Correction: Under the special education provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act, the labeling of Native students for special education will not be affected. The 1% limit addresses the amount of students that can be rated based on a different set of standards. This is independent of categorizing students to be placed in special education vs. general education. Also, this 1% is for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. However, NIEA is hopeful that when the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is up for reauthorization, that the issue of over labeling Native students in special education will be addressed. We will be working closely with our disability rights partners to ensure that Native students are receiving the adequate support under the accurate classification.


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