Research Presentations

The deadline for Submissions was May 10, 2019. 

About the Research Strand

NIEA Convention welcomes contributions from all areas of education research and should focus on issues specific to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities. Your research investigation should be inquiry-based (address a societal problem or issues, answers a research question, tests a hypothesis, explores and articulates an in-depth literature review, uses an appropriate and relevant methodology, a thorough and rigorous analysis of data, derives results, conclusion, and implications, etc.) with supporting qualitative and/or quantitative evidence that informs the findings. Research presentations are 75 minute sessions.

Proposal Topics
Proposals focusing on the following topics are especially encouraged:

  • Epistemological Considerations of Indigenous and Local Knowledge
  • Assessment, Testing, Measurement Issues
  • Language Revitalization and Immersion, Language Nests, Language Survival Schools and Language Restoration Programs
  • Early Childhood, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Adult Education/Higher Education
  • Early Student Preparation (College and Career Readiness), Recruitment, Placement, Retention, Sustainability and Success from Pre-K to Ph.D.
  • Issues related to Every Student Succeeds Act – Schools that Meet Adequate Yearly Process (AYP), Professional Development for Highly Qualified Teachers, and Recognition of Cultural Practitioners

Submissions Requirements

  • Researcher/Presenter contact information
  • Brief biography of researcher/presenter
  • A brief title
  • A 100 word abstract
  • Theoretical framework
  • Findings
  • Implications

Please direct all questions to Kurrinn Abrams,, 202-544-7290.  Confirmation will be e-mailed no later than Friday, June 7, 2019 to notify presenters the status of their proposal.

Presenters whose proposals are accepted will be required to register for the Convention no later than Friday, September 6, 2019.