Proposed Constitution and By-law Changes

The Proposed Changes to NIEA’s Constitution and By-laws

The National Indian Education Association (NIEA) is embarking on the next step of growth necessary to expand our services, build a sustainable, member-driven organization for the years to come, and expand resources to better serve Native students. To achieve these goals, NIEA’s Board of Directors has begun the process of proposing revisions to our Constitution and By-Laws (CBL) to help NIEA fulfill our mission and reach our goals.

The Initial Proposed Draft

The draft proposed amendments to the NIEA CBL was provided to every attendee of the 2017 Convention. The draft was also posted at immediately following Convention. The draft has been approved by NIEA’s Board of Directors for the purpose of beginning discussions on amending the CBL for three main purposes:

  • Simplify the Membership Categories and strengthen the language regarding Member engagement.
  • Clarify the Board of Directors role as setting policy and direction, while authorizing the Executive Director to operate the organization.
  • Set standards of service for the Board of Directors to ensure Board accountability and leadership as we move forward as a member-driven organization.

Each of these three major changes will be discussed thoroughly over the coming months and year, with final consideration and voting on the revisions at the 2018 Convention in Hartford, CT.

To see the full proposed changes in full, please click here.

The Process of Changing NIEA’s Constitution and By-laws

Article XI of NIEA’s current By-Laws provides the process for amending the CBL. It requires review of any proposed changes by the Board of Directors, the creation of an NIEA Constitution Committee, and ultimately, a two-thirds vote of membership to revise and amend the Constitution.

The Process Over the Year to Come

During the 2017 Convention, there was a discussion of the proposed changes to the CBL during the Membership Breakfast and two workshops, along with discussions during the plenary sessions. NIEA’s Board will continue to provide plenty of opportunities to consider our future.

Since the 2017 Convention, NIEA has embareked on a year-long process to consider amendments:

  • A series of webinars will be held on Wednesday November 29th, 2017; Wednesday February 28th, 2018; and Thursday, April 26th, 2018 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern to hear Member thoughts and insights.
  • The draft proposed amendments will be posted on the NIEA website and online comments will be taken from November of 2017 through June of 2018.
  • The NIEA Constitution Committee will convene twice in 2018 to review comments and suggestions provided by members – February and June.
  • Substantive comments on the proposed amendments will be reviewed and responded to with justification for why any changes that are not included in the proposed changes were not adopted.
  • Final copy of the proposed amended CBL for voting will be provided to members by September 15th, 2018.
  • Per Article XI of the By-Laws, NIEA members may submit proposed amendments, with the support of 50 Members or more, at least 30 days before the 2018 Convention.

You can view information on the process for the proposed changes by clicking here.

Get Engaged: Webinars on Proposed Changes to NIEA’s Constitution and By-laws

At the 2017 Convention, NIEA’s Board of Directors (BOD) began a conversation about changing the Constitution and By-Laws that determine how NIEA operates. Join us on November 29th for the first of several webinars about the proposed changes. This first webinar will provide an importance first chance to share thoughts. There will be two other webinars on this subject on February 28th, 2018 and April 26th, 2018. Both those other opportunities will be part of a process whereby suggested amendments to the Constitution will be considered by the NIEA Constitution Committee and brought back to the Membership for a vote at the 2018 Convention. Please join us for this first chance to provide your thoughts as we work to move NIEA forward by simplifying the Membership Categories, Clarify the operational leadership role of the Executive Director, and ensure that the Board of Directors is accountable in leading NIEA forward.

To register for the November 29th 3:00pm EST webinar, please click here.

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