Volunteer at the 2019 Convention and Trade Show

Join us in welcoming hundreds of attendees at NIEA’s 50th Annual Convention and Trade Show

October 8-12, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN




Pre-Registration & On-site Registration (Tuesday, Oct 8th – Saturday, Oct 12th):

  • Handout Convention Packets and bags to pre-registered attendees
  • Assist on-site registrants with form completion and payment

Trade Show Registration (Tuesday, Oct 8th – Saturday, Oct 12th):

  • Provide pre-registered trade show attendees with their registration packets.
  • Direct any on-site trade show registrants to Trade Show Coordinator.

Bag Stuffing (Monday, Oct 7th):

  • Set up convention bags and inserts in assembly line style
  • Fill bags with items and store in boxes

NIEA is looking to recruit 10 volunteers to work five (5) hours on Monday, Oct 7th to assist with convention bag stuffing. These hours will go toward your total 8 hours of volunteer service.

Volunteers working eight (8) or more hours between Monday, Oct 7th through Saturday, Oct 12th will have the opportunity to receive free registration for the convention.

  1. We ask that you include what days you are available and if possible work more than one day to gain the total 8 hours of volunteer service.
  1. Choose which job you would like to do and we can factor that in accordingly.
  1. A volunteer coordinator will be in touch to discuss your availability. Reminders with detailed information will be sent to the email provided as we get closer to convention.
  1. An orientation day will be scheduled. The day, time, and location will be sent to the email provided on the volunteer form.
  1. NIEA hopes all volunteers are able to attend orientation to ensure a seamless registration and convention.
  1. You will be required to sign in with the volunteer coordinator to clock your hours during convention to make sure you are covering your shifts.