Press Releases

NIEA releases statement and press releases on issues and announcements that impact the education of our Native students. An archive of press releases can be found below:

NIEA Statement: Esther Martinez Native Languages Programs Reauthorization Act
NIEA Statement on Trump Administration’s Withdrawal of Guidance on Affirmative Action
NIEA Statement on the Forcible Separation of Families and Detention of Children at the U.S. Border
NIEA Announces Partnership with New Mexico State Public Education Department
NIEA Statement on Oklahoma Teacher Strike
NIEA Statement on Esther Martinez Native Languages Preservation Act (S.254) 
NIEA Statement on the 2017 Convention in Orlando, FL
NIEA Summary on Proposed Trump FY 2018 Budget
NIEA Statement on Trump FY 2018 Budget
NIEA Statement on Revised ESSA State Template
NIEA Statement on White House Budget Blueprint
NIEA Statement on House Joint Resolution 57
NIEA Statement on Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos
NIEA Announces NEW Resource for Consultation
NIEA Announces Partnership with CCSSO
NIEA Led by First Alaska Native in 48 Year History
NIEA Supports NCAI Statement on Standing Rock
NIEA Statement on Racial Incident in Reno, Nevada
NIEA Applauds, Offers Insights on New Consultation Guidance
NIEA Releases New Publication on Native Education
NIEA Applauds Supreme Court Decision on Affirmative Action
Department of Education Releases Civil Rights Data Collection Report
Native Teachers Honored By President Obama
Barrasso Announces RAISE Act
NIEA Applauds Budget Request FY2017
President Obama’s SOTU
NIEA Applauds Signing of ESSA
Congress to Vote on ESSA
NIEA Announces 1st Kids 1st Partnership

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