Training Date: April 28, 2018 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

An Exploration of Trauma-Informed Solutions: Understanding the Impact of Historical Trauma and Boarding Schools

Understanding the traumatic history and educational experience of American Indians has profound implications for districts that are engaged in transforming systems to educate and support American Indian students. In this one-day workshop, participants will explore how historically traumatic events, especially Federal and church-run boarding schools, have led to the widespread contemporary social ills that are prevalent in Indian country today. Participants will also learn how multiple traumatic experiences can lead to improper brain development and impaired learning and socio-emotional abilities in children. Facilitated discussions will focus on how schools can mitigate the harmful effects of trauma by recognizing the underlying historical causes and prevalence of trauma in students’ lives and by creating a flexible culturally-responsive framework that provides universal supports and is sensitive to the unique needs of all students.

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