Testimony and Comments


NIEA Testimony Before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Oversight Hearing: “High Risk, No Reward: GAO’s High Risk List for Indian Programs”
NIEA Testimony Before House of Representatives, Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies


NIEA Comments on Native American Languages Programs to the Department of Education
NIEA Comments on Assessment Regulations to the Department of Education
NIEA Comments on Innovative Assessment Demonstration to the Department of Education
NIEA’s Accountability Comments for the Department of Education
Department of Education Discretionary Grant Program
Department of Education Consultation Testimony
NIEA SCIA Letter of Support on S.2842
Testimony on Senate Bills 2468, 2580, 2711, 2304


House Approps Committee Testimony 2015
NIEA Priorities SCIA Testimony 2015
Oversight Hearing on BIE SCIA Testimony 2015
Hearing Examining Challenges Facing Native American Schools House Ed & Workforce Testimony 2015
Juvenile Justice Hearing House Ed & Workforce Testimony 2015


Legislative Hearing SCIA Testimony 2014
BIE Language Interior House Approps Com Testimony 2014
BIE SCIA Testimony 2014
Early Learning SCIA Testimony 2014
DOI Approps SCIA Testimony 2014
Higher Education SCIA Testimony 2014


Kevin Washburn Witness Testimony DOI 2013
FY14 Int Approps House Approps ComTestimony 2013
Ind Ed House Int Approps Testimony 2013


State of Native Ed Address (2011)
HR 2445 State and Local Funding Flexibility Act (2011)