The NIEA Resolutions Committee will review all resolutions that meet the deadline date. NIEA reserves the right to correct grammar, misspellings, typos, and other errors; to revise resolutions to confirm to official format; to modify the resolution to more clearly articulate and fit within the scope and parameters of NIEA’s mission; and/or to consolidate similar resolutions into one if they cover the same issue and call for similar actions. After final selections are made, the resolutions will be deemed ready to be presented at the Convention using the following process:

  1. A summary and copy of the proposed Resolutions will be provided at the Convention.
  2. The Resolutions Committee will adopt a schedule for voting on Resolutions which will be posted on the NIEA website and in the Convention Program.
  3. Time will be provided for the Resolution’s sponsor or a supporter to speak in favor of the resolution, for discussion, and questions.
  4. All adopted Resolutions will be referred to the NIEA Board of Directors for publication and implementation.

A report will be provided to the membership at Convention on the implementation of Resolutions adopted at the previous year’s Conventions

There are two options for members to submit resolutions to NIEA.

  1. Non-Emergency Resolutions
    Non-Emergency Resolutions are those which do not require NIEA to take action within two weeks of the last day of the Convention.
  2. Emergency Resolutions
    Emergency Resolutions must meet this three-part test:
  1. Resolutions must be national in scope and address a single issue.
  2. Must require NIEA to take action within two weeks of the last day of the Convention, October 22, 2016. If the action stated in a resolution does not have to be completed within two weeks of the last day of the Convention and is not substantially different from existing NIEA goals and objectives, then that resolution does not warrant emergency status. Absence of such actions proposed in the Emergency Resolution should mean NIEA would not otherwise have direction from within the existing scope of its goals and objectives. It may then be directed to the NIEA Board of Directors to take necessary action.
  3. Are submitted in writing to the Resolution Committee no later than 24 hours prior to the last general assembly at which NIEA business will be conducted (which will be the 3rd general assembly on Saturday, October 8, 2016) and require actions which must be completed within two weeks of the last day of Convention. Emergency Resolutions must be submitted no later than 8:00 am, Friday, October 7, 2016.

Change to Resolution Voting for 2016

As a way to make the resolution process more inclusive and reflective of NIEA’s entire membership, voting for resolutions will be done a little differently this year. During the 2016 Convention, resolutions will be voted on via ballots when membership votes on NIEA Board candidates. As such Resolutions and Board candidates will be voted on simultaneously. This new voting process will eliminate live voting during General Assembly. The only exception to this process will be for emergency resolutions that are submitted and reviewed by the NIEA Board 24 hours before the last General Assembly.