2016 Passed Resolutions

Information on Submitted Resolutions

Submission and Passage:
Only NIEA voting members in good standing (General, Lifetime, Elder and Student) submitted the following resolutions and only members in good standing were eligible to vote on resolutions. Resolutions were approved by a majority vote of voting members present at Convention.


2016 Passed Resolutions

Native American Hall of Fame-2016-01

ESSA Report on Native American Language Medium Education-2016-02

Supporting NIHSDA’s Recommendation For the Reauthorization of the Head Start Act-2016-05

Term Limits for NIEA Board of Directors-2016-07

Opposition to Voucher Programs in BIE Schools-2016-08

Support for the Establishment of a Native American Teacher Campaign-2016-09

Improving Student Identification-2016-E-01

Issues Concerning Reorganization of BIE to Portions of its Implementation-2016-E-02