To view the full Resolutions Procedure, please click here.

NIEA’s policy priorities and advocacy work are developed and guided by resolutions drafted and passed by our membership. Resolutions cover a wide spectrum of topics related to Native education and serve as a key resource in communicating membership priorities to policy makers.


Members shape the work and goals of NIEA by submitting Non-Emergency Resolutions 60 days in advance of NIEA’s Annual Convention. NIEA members may also submit Emergency Resolutions for issues that require immediate action on-site at the Annual Convention. Both Emergency and Non-Emergency Resolutions should deepen NIEA’s purpose and reflect the membership’s best interests. Resolutions that do not meet the qualifications below will be referred to the NIEA Board of Directors for consideration.


Non-Emergency Resolutions must fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Address a single issue that impacts Native students across the country.
  2. Include provisions that further NIEA’s mission to better support culture-based educational opportunities for Native students throughout the United States.

The deadline to submit Non-Emergency Resolutions for consideration at the 2018 Annual Convention is August 10, 2018. To view or use NIEA’s Resolution template, please click here.

Resolutions should be submitted to NIEA directly at


Emergency Resolutions must meet the following qualifications:

  1. Address a single issue outside of existing NIEA goals that impacts Native students nationally.
  2. Require NIEA to take action within two weeks of the last day of the Convention, October 13, 2018.

Emergency Resolutions must be submitted in writing to the Resolution Committee at least 24 hours before the start of the last general assembly in which NIEA will conduct business (October 13, 2018). Resolutions that have not been submitted to the Resolutions Committee in writing and that do not follow the above outlined process WILL NOT be considered during the Convention.

Resolution Categories

All resolutions submitted for consideration during the Annual Convention should correlate with the following general themes, which align with NIEA’s work to strategically further improved educational opportunities for Native students:

  1. Advocating for Investment in Native Education
  2. Building Capacity for Native Control of Native Education
  3. Putting First Kids First in Native Education
  4. Promoting Professional Excellence for Native Teachers
  5. Supporting Native Language and Culturally-Relevant Education
  6. Advancing Cradle to Career Educational Opportunities
  7. Promoting Native Student Achievement and Success
  8. Promoting Progress through Organizational Development


Under the by-laws adopted at the 2016 Convention, non-emergency resolutions must be submitted by a member in good standing at least 60 days prior to the beginning of the Annual Convention. Members will vote for non-emergency resolutions via ballots.

Emergency resolutions must be submitted by a member in good standing at least 24 hours before the last General Assembly. Both emergency and non-emergency resolutions will be reviewed by the NIEA Board’s Resolution Committeeprior to membership consideration. Emergency resolutions will be provided to membership voting either via ballot or during a live vote during the last General Assembly.