Educator Professional Development

Recognizing Boarding School Era Historical Trauma


To begin addressing the effects of historical trauma that pervades many tribal communities, NIEA, in partnership with the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition, has developed a12-module curriculum targeted to teachers and educators that takes into account adolescent social and emotional learning approaches. Our goal is to provide educators with the best possible tools to meet the unique social, emotional, and academic needs of Native students and to imbue in teachers culturally and historically accurate knowledge to ensure that they can create a positive and safe learning environment.

Grant Goals and Benefits

Expected Outcomes: Completed curriculum for delivery to Native High School students, and Training Manuals to facilitate expanded training in Native communities.

Long-Term Impacts: Policy change for state-required teacher professional development that include Historical Trauma/Boarding School training for all educators serving Native students.

If you would like to be trained in this curriculum or for more information on our work, contact Kurrinn Abrams,, 202-844-0034.