Student Resources

NIEA serves as a resource for Native students because we want to see every American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian student excel. Please keep checking back as we continue to add more information.

Native Scholarship Resources

NIEA wants to make sure that every Native student knows about other funding opportunities to help them succeed in their academic career. For more information on other organizations who offer scholarships and internships, please visit the Scholarships for Native Students webpage.

Tribal Colleges and Universities

NIEA strives to provide as much information as possible for those wanting to attend higher education institutions. Find a listing of tribal colleges and universities, please visit the Tribal Colleges and Universities webpage.

Native American Studies

Many non-Native institutions offer studies to educate about language, history and culture of various Native American communities. You can find a list of colleges and universities that offer these programs on the Native American Studies webpage.

Manuals and Publications

At NIEA, we are working toward a comprehensive research library to study and best learn the needs of our Native students. Please visit our Manuals and Publications webpage for more information.



Additional Information: